Since 1995, Metalplastic Ltd produces mechanical parts for laser and plasma cutting machines

Thanks to decades of experience in the mechanical field, our company offers high-quality and reliable services. Since the market increasingly requires a highly-specialized quality in a short processing time, Metalplastic Ltd offers its experience to reach these goals, always taking the best care of its customers.

We perform all turning and milling operations, both with traditional and numerical control machines. Besides a highly-specialized staff, which is trained directly in our headquarters, the company disposes of an Internal quality control and testing, through duty and control cycles.

Our experience in the metal industry, together with our expertise, allowed us to stand out in several fields, such as:

  • Processing of Stainless Steel
  • Processing of non-ferrous metals such as brass, aluminium, copper
  • Processing of plastic materials, such as peek and techtron pps (also glass-reinforced)
  • Processing of high-tech materials such as Vespel ® and Macor ®

Metalplastic Ltd provides its customers with a complete service, including: