Metalplastic Ltd guarantees a high quality of service always respecting the delivery times. We offer a complete service including:


They are provided either on consignment or in manufacturing account, and they range from the most common drawn metals – both non-ferrous (such as brass, aluminium and copper) and ferrous (stainless steel) –, to high-tech plastic materials (such Teflon, Peek, glass-reinforced Peek, Techtron PPS, Vespel ®, Vetronite) and machinable ceramic (Macor ®).


Turning, milling, drilling, brushing, deburring, and assembly.


Upon request, we also mark the materials with logos, codes or any other detail required by the customer, or provided as file.


Thanks to the ultrasound technology, we can perform an accurate washing of the different materials drastically reducing the use of toxic cleaners.


The finished products are placed and accurately protected in a single package for the shipping to the customer. The same finished products are separately packed and labelled for direct sale.


The packages are entrusted to the carriers who will take the utmost care of the products, using all the appropriate protections.

Metalplastic’s offer is not limited to the product, but it assists the customer in all the phases, from design to realization, both in words and deed!